Who are Inspiration Arts?

Inspiration Arts is the coming together of families and friends to share in the magic and love for the vibrancy of costumes, the energy of music and dance, and the magnificent visual spectacle that is carnival, inspired by our rich cultures.

Our Roots

We are privileged to be building on the proud legacy of Trinbago Carnival Club (the pioneers who introduced costumes made in the UK to the streets of Notting Hill in 1973). Trinbago’s love for life, togetherness and good times helped to create the first taste of real Caribbean carnival culture in the UK.

Our Inspiration

Notting Hill Carnival is considered Europe’s largest annual street festival. It attracts over a million people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to share in the merriment of the event. Some of the first public celebrations of West Indian Culture started in 1960’s Britain, followed by the introduction of “carnival mas bands” (mas: short for masquerade),
“steel bands” and “sound systems” in the 1970’s, these are now elemental to the festival as we know it today.

Our parents and generations before contributed to laying the strong cultural foundation stones of Notting Hill Carnival. This has today given us the opportunity to enjoy and share our heritage in a free, proud and artistic context.

By these phenomenal achievements, we were inspired to ensure that the true meaning of Mas was not lost and so in 2002 Inspiration Arts was formed with four generations actively involved in our organisation.

The values of friendship, unity and tradition enjoyed by Trinbago are the ones we still happily share. They are after all what give us our INSPIRATION.